Its all part of the plan

Many things need to be done for us to be ready to relocate the summer of 2014. We have 17months give or take. But trust me… The time will fly!

Its going to take everyday of the remaining months to prepare. We have many things to get done. We need to down size. Get this house ready to move.

We need to cut back on any financial obligations not absolutely necessary. We have no car payments. So that’s good. We are thinking about selling our RV so we’d lose that payment. Which would not only help us qualify for a home loan, but give us financial wiggle room we will need when we own our home.

This is a bit off task.. But I love this song.

So today we went to Church then after Church we went to look at the type of car my hubby would like to get. It is all wheel drive. So unlike the Hondas we own it will be able to get around any area with little to no effort.

Also area we are looking into moving to has one Honda dealer in area. So that isn’t to practical when our Honda’s have 150,000 and 280,000 miles on them.

We need cars that will have parts readily available. And be good on dirt.


This is what we looked at today. Still gets good fuel mileage. Is all wheel drive. Has more clearance than Honda. And there are alot of Subaru dealers there.

I liked it. So now we work on getting the Honda’s ready to sell.

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