In honor of Lent

I signed out of my Facebook account in honor of lent and giving something up.

I haven’t given up something for lent since I was younger and Catholic. I chose to do it this year. This year that opens my families fabulous journey for betterment.

And since that time that I made this decision and signed out I’ve had people try every trick to get me to sign back in. I would have hoped they’d appreciate or maybe even be proud of me for giving up something for lent.

Guess not. Makes you think about the false prophet comment. The devil is working through those people. People I trusted. Now I’m left wondering..

Are they true friends? Do they have my best interest at heart? Your friends should help you, not try and sabotage you.

I’m very disappointed. Is the bottom line.

And after all the drama and lies to try and get me to sign back onto Facebook. I HAVE NOT! And am coming to a point where I may delete it after lent.

Beware of false prophets!

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