Get out of Sams Club alive

So yesterday we had family here from Montana visiting us. We took them to our local Sams Club, its like Costco. Well while waiting at the front door for them to get there we see a car stop so pedestrians can pass.

Then the car behind the stopped car floors it and veers around the stopped car, around a family in the cross walk to the left then veers to the right to avoid hitting a person with a cart in the crosswalk.

I said my God I hope we get out of here alive! Ok so our family arrives and into the store we go all the while people pushing past us. As we get to the back of the store where the bread is we come upon a smack down at Sams Club.

One lady video taping 2 men arguing saying I’m gonna cut your neck and kill your daughter.. It went on and on. I shake my head look at my sister in law and say welcome to California! And as I say that I hear my son say the same thing.

This state is so hostile and rushed. Come on people slow down! Get anger management therapy! Smell the flowers. Sheesh

Can’t wait to leave this state.

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