Slow news day CA?!

Breaking news!!! We’ve had a 3.6 earthquake. Lmfao!!!! Um hello news casters!!! Are you friggen serious?!!

A 3.6 can be accomplished by my teenager by farting in a pool. LoL

Oh oh OH!! Another Breaking news alert on TV!! A high speed car chase. Some moron on the 91 freeway going 130MPH. 

I’d back off, the fool will crash. You can catch him then. Let’s not get an innocent person killed by this idiot.

Speeding through city streets in LA now. Almost hit a kid on a skateboard.

Driver bailed out, female driving now. Oops she hit bus it looked like. She’s bailed out of car.


PD caught her. Now their looking for male driver… And now the news shuts off. Did they catch the fool? Ok onto The Peoples court. LoL
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