Oh what a night!

Not sure what pup got into if anything. Sometimes she just has tummy troubles. As most Yorkies do.. She’s a yorkiepoo half yorkie half poodle. And my guess tummy is ALL yorkie with all the troubles she has with it.

Anyways tonight she was playing and squeaking her toy and having a blast. Then all went quiet. I went to investigate and found her staring at her favorite toy covered in barf. She looked up at me all sad.

She hates getting sick, she shivers and shakes afterwards for a while. So my son picked her up to love on her while I took beloved toy and tried to figure out how to clean yet not ruin toy.


She’s happy and toy still squeakes even though I put it in dryer to hurry process. Its her favorite toy. 🙂

Here it is all nice and clean and cozied up with her. Waffles is happy as can be now.


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