Nivea really limits their consumer base

I mean most if not all of their products have some type of nut oil in them. Seriously! Read the label.

We have life threatening food allergies to nuts in this house. Nivea has awesome looking new lip balms out. With Almond oil in them.

I used my moms lotion one time a few years back without even thinking. I mean who would think nut oils are in a lotion?!

Well my son started wheezing and saying he didn’t feel well. Then it dawned on me. I used a lotion I never had before.

I ran to car got his asthma inhaler and epi pens then returned to lotion and read label, and that is when I saw ALMOND OIL in the list.

I washed and scrubbed my hands till they were red. Then I washed my sons face, he had red hand prints on cheeks from where I had touched him with my freshly lotioned hands.

I then gave him benedryl and called his allergist who said continue benedryl for 4 days every 4 hours.

I felt and still do feel horrible that I just used the lotion with no thought to read the label. LESSON LEARNED!

I steer clear from their products and so does my Mom.

My fun at McDonalds

So earlier I decided to go get lunch at McDonalds for the boys. We get in drive thru and I look at sign and its all breakfast food.

The guy in the speaker says WELCOME TO MCDONALDS WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY A STRAWBERRY PIE? I say no thank you. Are you serving lunch yet? He says not till 11am. I say well that’s in 2 minutes. He says no its in 5 minutes. I reply ooook.. Well when your ready to take my LUNCH order I will be here!

My boys say great now we need to go around and get back in line. I say IM NOT MOVING. Well at 10:59 by my clock which would have been 10:56 in speaker order guys time zone. He blurts out OK CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER?

I say I don’t know, what you selling?! Its not 11:00 yet! He says well were serving lunch early today. By now my kids are busting up. I say ooook and tell him what I’d like.

We get up to paying window and I say thank you for selling lunch. He says well its lunch time. :-/ lmao!!!!!!!!!

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The leprechaun saved the day!

Or was it me? Well anyways hubby ruined his first dinner early this morning (see previous post) then I sent him to the store for more corned beef.

Not a brisket this time though. We didn’t have enough time to cook a brisket so he bought some from the deli.

I heated the meat up, toasted the rye bread, slathered it in thousand island, put on a piece of swiss cheese, mounded up the meat, added sour kraut, and heated whole sandwich in toaster oven. Mmm mmm mmm. Perfection!


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His Birthday dinner in the trash

Don’t let him in the kitchen. EVER.
Yet another reason my husband should not be allowed in kitchen under any circumstance.

He was to get up at 4 am and put corned beef in crockpot. AND turn it on.

Well he put it in crockpot, put water over it, and walked away.

I walk into kitchen 4 1/2 hours later to find corned beef in crockpot that was never turned on. Aughhh

The company that sold it is closed today. But I don’t see how you could leave out something raw for that long then cook it and eat it and not get sick. 
The package says must remain refrigerated or frozen. It Doesn’t say you can leave it out in room temperature water for over 4 hours. And then cook it.

So to the trash it will go. His Birthday dinner in the trash.

Onto plan B for his Birthday dinner. :-/

Moral of the story… you want something done right..DO IT YOUR SELF

Happy St Pattys Day!