My fun at McDonalds

So earlier I decided to go get lunch at McDonalds for the boys. We get in drive thru and I look at sign and its all breakfast food.

The guy in the speaker says WELCOME TO MCDONALDS WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY A STRAWBERRY PIE? I say no thank you. Are you serving lunch yet? He says not till 11am. I say well that’s in 2 minutes. He says no its in 5 minutes. I reply ooook.. Well when your ready to take my LUNCH order I will be here!

My boys say great now we need to go around and get back in line. I say IM NOT MOVING. Well at 10:59 by my clock which would have been 10:56 in speaker order guys time zone. He blurts out OK CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER?

I say I don’t know, what you selling?! Its not 11:00 yet! He says well were serving lunch early today. By now my kids are busting up. I say ooook and tell him what I’d like.

We get up to paying window and I say thank you for selling lunch. He says well its lunch time. :-/ lmao!!!!!!!!!

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