Today is another busy day April 30, 2013

This morning has found us on the phone so far. Talking to loan officer,  realtor, financial advisor, bank.

Its all about money baby!!  Exciting times peeps. We’ve located area we want to live in, now to finalize all the pre purchase stuff. We are pre approved for home loan. Next step will be for hubby to get job in Arizona.

Kids are excited as are we.

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Busy looking at maps and stuff – Update from April 22, 2013

We have been busy looking at maps and real estate agents lately. We located an agent we like. We have made up our want list in a home. Its been a very busy time.

We’ve done research on schools and found the school we want the boys to attend. We have 2 communities we are narrowing in on.

I’ve made a board with maps and what not to help us on our journey. It has really helped. Has a map of Area, school boundary map, zip code map etc..

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Beware.. My husband is on cook duty for dinner

And as usual its quite a ride! He was to make turkey meatloaf. He took out the milk and said matter of factly, its expired. I say ok check for another gallon.

Then I see him smelling and measuring out the milk. What are you doing? I say. He says I’m going to use the milk! I say um no. We don’t use expired milk. We’ve tried that already. We all got ill.

So he huffs and puffs and goes to the store to get another gallon. Problem adverted…or so you’d think. No its just the beginning of this story.

Onto mixing the ingredients. He takes the ground turkey, adds the egg, milk, bread crumbs and puts it into a loaf pan. Then he places it in the oven. I go to look and see how he did to see the meatloaf mix package on the counter UNOPENED.

I pick up the package and say did you forget the mix?? He says omgosh! So ya.. then out of the oven the meatloaf comes so we can add the seasoning.

After its back in the oven. He says Thank God you noticed that. That meatloaf would have been nasty.

I say. Ya think?! LoL maybe we will eat sometime tonight.

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Seeing red!

All I see on my son is red.


Carls Jr used to cook only burgers on the one side of the grill. NOT ANY MORE!
Now burgers and fish are cooked together. And NO WARNING POSTED. My son has life threatening food allergies to all nuts, fish, shell fish.

So ya we are having a fun night. Oh and to add to my fun. The truck battery died.

Benadryl, inhaler, 6 epi pens out and ready for action. I will be up all night watching over him.

Hives came on MOMENTS after finishing his burger. We will see how he does if we make it through night without ER visit and he still has hives in am we will go to Dr.