Such a busy time

Wow!! Time fly’s when your having fun!!
Updates on our journey to Home ownership are..

We are starting to seriously shop. We have a realtor, pre approval, and a plan to move forward on.

The children are excited. We are at peace with our plans.

This coming week I’m taking our youngest son to the doctor for an ongoing cough that I’m fairly sure may be diagnosed as asthma. Welcome to coastal CA. My hubby and older son have asthma, me and youngest son have bad allergies. And now he has a bad cough that goes away if we go inland even for a few hours.

We need a dryer hotter climate.
The time we spent in Arizona for Easter break were medication free! No inhalers, no allergy meds, no arthritis meds. It was wonderful to be a non pill popping, inhaler pumping family!

Ok back to my home search. Have a great day.

**Update.. son has allergies and mild asthma now.

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