Its been busy

Sorry for slacking off. We sold our RV. And that was a three week project! It is on its way to USSR yes. Russia! The man that bought it owns a private beach he has RVs parked on and he rents them out.

So our RV has a very exciting final trip in store. It left our house yesterday to go to port authority to be checked in by customs. Then placed in shipping container and onto ship.

It sets sail Friday to the USSR, Russia or bust!

What a wonderful trip for our beloved trailer. It was a dear friend to us. But it was time to part ways and free ourselves from the loan we had on it so we can make room for our new home to come!!

One more hurdle down. One more step closer to home ownership!

Today I gave notice to my boss I will not be returning to work next school year. Ahh it feels so good!! I have 16 years of living in this house to clean up and pack. I am going to be a busy girl!

Oh!! And as tradition goes I bought my new handbag for summer. Its a tradition we’ve done since I haven’t carried a diaper bag. LoL

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