And with that we will listen- Relocation update

This whole relocating thing has been very trying. Many hurdles have turned into doors closing in our face. At every turn just when you think you’ve got it figured out another door closes.

Many trips to Arizona and only one problem solved. Arizona won’t take our CA license to get an Arizona license. They also won’t take our abstract birth certs CA gave out. And you need a Arizona address to get a license in Arizona.

Hubby’s new possible employer  (Inter Dealer transfer)  won’t make an offer in writing till hubby gets Arizona license and is living In Arizona. We can’t buy a home in Arizona till we can prove he’s employed in the state. Starting to see our problem??

We were starting to get very discouraged. But kept moving through the hurdles. With the help of our awesome friends that live in Arizona. (You know who you are!)

Well this week a HUGE door opened. My hubby was called into his bosses office and offered  to be the Shop Foreman to stay in Ca. This puts us in a different financial group. And allows us to buy a home in the state.

I want to say to God we are sorry we weren’t listening to all the signs. We can be slow and stubborn at times. But I HEAR YOU LOUD AND CLEAR NOW GOD!

I will follow the path you have set before us. Thank you God for making it very clear for us. #Blessed

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Some things in life you can pick and choose

Fortunately if you were lucky.. or unfortunately if your luck wasnt so great.. Your family isn’t one if those things.

Your friends though are hand picked! Pick great ones! They will be your support, your guidance, a ear to listen to you, a shoulder comfort you. Through thick and thin if you pick the right friends they will remain by your side. Unlike family.

I have many blessings. I’m very greatful for the life I’ve been given. My family has taught me a lot about life. About how a family should and should not behave.

And I have awesome friends I can count on.

And with what I’ve learned from my family I know what is important to me. What’s important to teach my children. So the same mistakes don’t replay.

The buck stops here!