We continue to listen.. Oct 15, 2013

We thought we had found THE home. You know the best one for us. We put in an offer. Then the waiting game started.. Tick tock, tick tock…

A week had passed. Our realtor had been in contact with their agent all seemed ok. We were highest bidder.

Now let me tell you a bit about the home. It was a 3 bedroom plus retreat/office attached to master bedroom. Large lot. House sat back on property so rear yard was small which is what we wanted as our kids are high school age now. It had a 3 car garage. Aka room for a work shop in 3rd garage. A nice kitchen with gas appliances. It was awesome.

But. We got the call.. You know, the one that says they took someone else’s offer. Then shortly after that home was withdrawn totally from market..

Its not the one God intended us to have. So on the hunt we go. Looking forward to the gem God wants us to cherish.

And thankful he is guiding and protecting us on this journey.




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