Busy times- A post from February.. That was misplaced

Well since our move to our home in November we have been very busy.

We celebrated Thanksgiving in our new home. Unpacked till middle of December then put boxes away so we could enjoy Christmas without clutter.

My Mother in law spent Christmas with us. She was here for 3 days. So we had a chance to show her the town also.

January found us celebrating our boys Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Wonderful ceremony. Great reception we put on. We hired a taco guy for the food. He comes and cooks tacos at your event. It was a huge hit.

February found us trying to unpack again. We don’t have much left to unpack. Its just tiedius at this point.

My Mom came out to visit for 2 days. We showed her around. She really enjoyed herself. It was fun having her here. The boys had a great time showing her around.


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