The daisy-like bush, Euryops are # 4 – top Ten Heat Resistant plants for my Arizona garden

Euryops (Daisy Bush)

Tjs Garden

Do you want a flowering plant that can take the hot heat and last through the winter?  Euryops are low maintenance and good on the budget!  I waited over a year before writing about this daisy like plant so I could document what animal critters would eat our Euryops.

shrub with daisy flowers in Arizona Daisy like bush that is perennial

It is a pleasure to state Euryops are CRITTER proofNOT even the Javelina ate our daisy bushes!  Replacing desert plants can become costly; therefore this Euryops cultivar VIRIDIS rates HIGH on our list!

drought heat tolerant daisy plants bushes with yellow daisy flowers, Euryops

Euryops is a genus in the Asteraceae family –  Daisy family.  The Green leaved variety is Euryops pectinatusViridis.  This robust heat resistant plant is native mostly to rocky sites in southern Africa.

yellow daisy flowers in Arizona Euryops are heat resistant daisy like plants

They produce cheerful yellow daisy flower heads from fern-like…

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