I love my job! 11/14/14

I don’t say it often enough. But I love my job! What job is that? You ask.

Domestic Diva, Super Mom, The Queen of my castle and my King, Shuttle service, Pet care provider, Chef, Maid, Doctor, Psycologist, Referee, Plumber, DIYer, Fixer, Gardener, financial advisor, banker, crystal ball holder, autism advocate, car whisperer. I’m sure I’ve missed a few hundred things I do. But you get the idea. And yes! I love my job. I wouldn’t change a thing.

How our dog has changed my Autistic/Aspergers son’s life

We used to have cats. Persian Purebred cats to be exact. My son never really connected to them and in the end we found out he was very allergic to them. But we had made a commitment when we got the two of them so we kept them for their full life time.

Fluffy lived to the age of 19.


This is Fluffy

Princess to never be out done by Fluffy of course lived to the age of 21 years and 11 1/2 months.

Princess and fluffy

Princess is the white cat


They were awesome companions for my family. When the children were little Fluffy got rides in their play shopping cart, swaddled up in a blankee like a baby and carried every where. Princess was the protector. She parked herself outside their doors at night and watched them. She would when they were babies lay on their blanket and watch them.  We got them both when they were 8 weeks old. After the cats passed our family missed them terribly. They were after all part of the family.


Fast forward now to August 2011. We have a child with life threatening allergies, so no idea can be decided without allergy testing. This child also happens to by my oldest, he is on the spectrum. Aspergers is not what defines him. Its just what helps others to be compassionate and try to understand where he is coming from. He is an awesome child.

We started allergy testing in September 2011 to see if we could have a dog in the house. After many tests and tears from blood draws and scratch tests we found out we have to have an hypoallergenic breed. So then we looked at sizes. We decided small is best as my son was scared of large dogs at that point. And we traveled alot in our RV at that point.

We started frequenting the pound/shelter. We decided we wanted a dog as young as possible. And we wanted to rescue one. We decided on a Yorkshire Terrier or a small Poodle. It caused many sad feeling every time we left with empty arms. So I told the kids I would just put us on the interest list and quit visiting the shelter.

January 1 2012 we got the call!! They had a Yorkie/Poo (Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle) The perfect mix! So I cancelled all our plans that day and off we went! She was dropped off at the shelter in November 2011 at a mere 8 weeks old and ounces of weight by a breeder. She was housed in an outside concrete cage for the winter. We were unsure of her. She looked too timid, wouldn’t make eye contact, Wouldn’t let us pick her up. And then the most beautiful thing happened. My son with Aspergers sat on the cold damp concrete and this little bundle of fluff walked out of the back corner of his cage right into his lap and set her head down and looked into his eyes. At that point my son said I think shes like me Mom. It was a done deal!

Love at first sight

A boy and his best friend

Now people say We’ve “Rescued” Her. I Beg to differ. I feel she rescued us. She is my sons best friend, confidant, protector, at a mere 9 pounds. She is now 2 years old, full grown. She has allergies just like my son. Some of the same items actually! Corn, food coloring, fish, peanut oil. This dog is a perfect addition to our hectic family.

When my son used to come home from school he would be stressed. I had a rice bin with objects in it to comfort him. It worked! Now he comes home you can see the stress dissappear as his pup jumps up at him to be picked up. He bends over picks her up and she buries her head in his neck. Then the kisses start!

How could you not melt looking into those eyes he has asked me.

Now mind you this is a child that until we got this wonderful pup wouldn’t let you hug him without pulling back against your hug. If you don’t have an Autistic child you will never feel the heart break of that or the missed kisses, being told I love you Mom. He is not my only child. So I know both sides of the coin so to speak.

Well within 6 months of getting this little fur ball he so lovingly called Waffles due to the way she flattens out on the ground this child was 100% different. At first he’d pull away from her kisses. Now he gets upset if she doesn’t have any for him. She is always on him. He takes her everywhere. We have a trailer for the bikes. He straps her in there and off they go.

Here is his brother and our dog.

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QR Scanner

With most businesses and products now a days using QR barcodes its food for thought to look at which ones work the best. Whether at the grocery store, Lowes, Church, School, Shopping from a catalog, in a Doctors office, now a days they all seem to be utilizing barcodes.

I personally use Scan QR by Scan, Inc. And of course your choices are different depending on your phone. Anyway, this may be helpful to read.


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Amish Barn Star Good luck or Curse?

I’ve always Wondered about “Barn Stars” I finally found enough time to look them up. Personally I’ve gone through phases with thinking about them. In Utah I was creeped out by them. I’ve seen them in Ca and wondered. I’ve seen them in the store. Thought about purchasing one. And have left the store knowing I didn’t need one. Not ever sure of what my problem was with them. Just knowing they weren’t what they appeared.

Most people claim they represent good fortune, good luck. But truly they do not. Look them up for yourself. There is a lot of history online about them. Witches and pagans see it as a  charm or talisman (A talisman is an object which is believed to contain certain magical or sacramental properties which would provide good luck for the possessor or possibly offer protection from evil or harm.[1]) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talisman

Some people go as far as to say the Amish Barn star is not a blessing, its a curse. You’ve marked you home for supernatural entities to find you.


Here is a post I found about changes in the star and colors and what they stand for.



Well anyway, think what you will about Amish Barn Stars. But I personally will not place on  my home. It was interesting to research and see what people think of the Stars and to see the true meaning of them. I have included a few links for further reading if this interests you. There is much out on the web about this subject. And of course you can always go to the library.

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Busy times- A post from February.. That was misplaced

Well since our move to our home in November we have been very busy.

We celebrated Thanksgiving in our new home. Unpacked till middle of December then put boxes away so we could enjoy Christmas without clutter.

My Mother in law spent Christmas with us. She was here for 3 days. So we had a chance to show her the town also.

January found us celebrating our boys Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Wonderful ceremony. Great reception we put on. We hired a taco guy for the food. He comes and cooks tacos at your event. It was a huge hit.

February found us trying to unpack again. We don’t have much left to unpack. Its just tiedius at this point.

My Mom came out to visit for 2 days. We showed her around. She really enjoyed herself. It was fun having her here. The boys had a great time showing her around.

Home sweet Home!

We made it. The move was successful. Havent found anything damaged yet. There is still much to unpack..

Wedsnesday we had A/c vents and ducting cleaned and sterilized for our asthma sufferers, dryer vent cleaned, chimney sweep out.

Yesterday we celebrated our first holiday in our new HOME. The beginning of new memories, and traditions. This is an exciting time.

The kitchen far exceeded my expectations. They said it was state of art. Well let me tell you. I LOVED my experience in it yesterday. Everything cooked to perfection, tons of counter space. Next Thanksgiving it will have double ovens. That will make it even better!

The family is very happy and comfortable here. We made the right choice when we put in an offer on this home. More to come later.. I must get back to unpacking. The boys start school in 3 days.

Today we are enjoying the first rain since we have lived here.