Hard time deciding… (Female Post) 9/26/2014

So I think my story may help another woman out there.. Yet I am torn on whether to share it or not. Ill keep thinking about it as I type and see where this takes me..
I have had a rough year, have gone through female issues. Still in healing process of all of that. 3 surgeries within 3 months. Thank God that’s over.
Anyway, all appears to be ok for now. Just waiting for the shoe to drop so to speak.. It was a long couple of years with many troubles. Need to learn to trust my body again. I’m working on that daily. Its funny how something so simple can mess up your mind when it goes astray. Menstrual cycles are nothing to laugh at. Especially when they don’t end.
Well there you have it. So due to the never ending cycle I had to have a uterine biopsy (ouch), internal ultrasound, ultrasound of belly, D&C to remove whole lining of uterus, and finally the NovaSure procedure.
Novasure is a miracle! Was uncomfortable for a week after that procedure. Never in pain. Just tender, that procedure gave me my life back. I chose it over hysterectomy due to the fact I can’t take hormones. So for me it was the best choice.
The show The Doctors ran a show about Novasure you should look it up if your thinking about the procedure.

Why Soy is not healthy

I was researching soy and Estrogen Dominance and came across this great blog post.

Is Soy Healthy?