Nivea really limits their consumer base

I mean most if not all of their products have some type of nut oil in them. Seriously! Read the label.

We have life threatening food allergies to nuts in this house. Nivea has awesome looking new lip balms out. With Almond oil in them.

I used my moms lotion one time a few years back without even thinking. I mean who would think nut oils are in a lotion?!

Well my son started wheezing and saying he didn’t feel well. Then it dawned on me. I used a lotion I never had before.

I ran to car got his asthma inhaler and epi pens then returned to lotion and read label, and that is when I saw ALMOND OIL in the list.

I washed and scrubbed my hands till they were red. Then I washed my sons face, he had red hand prints on cheeks from where I had touched him with my freshly lotioned hands.

I then gave him benedryl and called his allergist who said continue benedryl for 4 days every 4 hours.

I felt and still do feel horrible that I just used the lotion with no thought to read the label. LESSON LEARNED!

I steer clear from their products and so does my Mom.

And So The 2013 California Wildfire Season Begins

This afternoon I turned on the TV to see this.



And this was my expression :-0 Dang fire season. 3years ago my hubby’s work was affected by the Ca wild fires. The fire was in the Santa Ana river bed and caught onto his work.

Fortunately it didn’t burn it too bad. People did lose their homes though. 😦 I dislike the fire season a lot.

5-6 years ago half the state was on fire and I had to keep the kids home and tape the house shut and have masks on the kids and the nebulizer running pretty much non stop for my aspie/asthmatic.

We have an average of 7-10 days a year minimum the schools won’t allow the children outside due to Air Quality and particulate matter.

Many years ago there was a horrible fire in Laguna Beach. We lived there at that time. We got evacuated. Hundreds of homes were destroyed.

Anyway, fires are part of living in California like earthquakes and landslides.

I’m not sure why I’m rambling. LoL Make sure you have a safe fire perimeter around your property!

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The tale of the perculating toilet

Yup this is a bathroom story!

Our spare bathroom toilet is sometimes possessed. We have ghost flushes, we have constant running, we have the chain in the tank falling off the flusher handle.

I’ve become quite a toilet fixer. The last problem was the chain got under the flapper and held it open to run and run and run. So annoying.

I asked the boys to fix it. To which I got a “I’m no it putting my hands in there!” I explained its clean water in top tank. They weren’t believing me so I ended up fixing it again.

Good thing I know how to get my hands dirty and fix things! Sheesh

A few scary moments

We’ve had a few scary moments with WafflesTheWonderDog since she adopted us from the pound at 12 weeks old.

When she was a baby she’d eat to fast or drink to fast and choke. It used to startle us and scare her into shivers. There have also been many a time in the middle of the night in her crate which is in my room we’d hear her choking. We jump up and get her out and rub her back and tell her its ok. All the while she is shivering in fear looking up at us with more love in her eyes than we ever deserve.

People say they “rescued” their dog from the pound. Well I feel she rescued us. She has brought so much to my family and to our friends. So much enjoyment and love. I can never repay her. We are so lucky she found us and chose us as her family.

We went and saw her one day at the pound. Another lady was interested in her. She spent 2 hours with her. And then I guess she left. We returned to the pound when it opened the next day knowing the puppy maybe gone. I told the children if she’s meant to be with us. She will be there. And there she was! Thank God.

She came out of her cold concrete cage that had been her home since she was 8 weeks old at the shelter and right into our arms full of love and trust like we had always had her. She fit in the palm of one hand. She was 3.5 pounds.

We took her from there to our vet and got a healthy check up. Then went to buy her food, toys, a harness and leash.

Within the first couple weeks we learned she has food allergies. And they are very similar to my aspie sons allergies. She’s allergic to soy, corn, peanut, and tap water.

Well that delighted my aspie. Made her an even better friend to him. Waffles also does this reverse sneeze thing that kind of mimics what my son does. And she loves to be carried and cuddled.

She’s really a great companion and has helped my kids a lot. They now have something they like to care for. They like to teach her tricks. Take her for walks. And watch her kiss our 21 year old Persian cat.


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I got a duck in the mail!

We have had a case of mad dry skin and bloody noses in this house this winter. Its been unseasonally cold here in So Cal at the coast.

We’ve had many low temperature frost advisory nights this year. And with that comes chilly nights and mornings and running the heater a lot.

I got out our cool mist humidifier but it was broken 😦 so we shopped for a new one. I wanted a cold mist again, and one with no filter this time. As filters are an expense and get discontinued.

And if were going to have something sitting out it either needed to blend in, or be super cute.

So I picked super cute!

We ordered it from Target they don’t sell the duck in stores here only online.

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There is life

Outside that door, there is life. I can sit here and play on twitter, instagram, my fav forums. Or I can choose to live my life.

I choose to live life, and play. Enjoy the time I will still be in Coastal California, which I hope will be short!

I deleted my Facebook that was attached to my twitter a month ago. So glad I did. One less place I feel obligated to check in. Twitter bores me mostly, I go there and talk to myself. LoL

I prefer my Instagram. I like to see peoples lives threw their eyes, camera lens. I’ve seen places all over the world thanks to Instagram.

I’m a traveler by nature. Always been happier in RV than house even as a child.

I’m getting ready for a huge life change. I need to get focused. Lose things that distract me. My blog will remain no matter what. It helps keep me grounded, focused.

Its a place to put my thoughts. To help me process my day. And a place to write my family’s journey through life, autism, health issues, our relocating.

Now if it would just help me get this house into a 26′ truck. I just don’t see this house fitting into a truck. My husband assures me it will be fine. I guess I will believe it when I see it.

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