California health facts I’ve researched

Women in some California counties are more likely to get breast cancer than women in other counties.

Marin county has the highest rate for both early and late stage tumors.

Imperial county has the lowest rate for early stage tumors.

Lassen, Modoc, Plumas counties are the lowest for later stage tumors.

Differances in population are believed to gave something to do with it.

In California cancer kills more children from birth to age 14 than any other disease.

In 2013 about 144,800 Californians will be diagnosed with cancer.

That’s more than 16 cases of cancer diagnised an hour.

More than 20% of Californian adults have doctor diagnosed arthritis. 5.0 million adults. 3.0 million are women. 2.0 million are men.

6% are 18-44 years old
30% are 45-64 years old
47% are 65-74 years old
53% are age 75+

27% caucasion
29% African american
13% Hispanic

Over 5 million Californians have been diagnosed with asthma. Asthma is to blame in atleast 500 deaths a year, 36,000 hospital patients, 145,000 ER or urgent care visits a year.

3.7 million adults 13.7% and 1.7 million children 13.3% in California have asthma.

Among adults 62% have mild asthma, 17% have moderate asthma, 9% have severe asthma.

An asthmatic child misses an average of 2.6 days if school a year due to asthma.

Mold, dustmites, cockroaches are very common in most areas of California.

Air quality
More than 146 days a year have unhealthy air conditions. Smog so think you can see it.

We fought to have our aspergers child mainstreamed in California. He received a DX of autism and a suggestion of being put in a special ed class. We fought for him to have the right to be in a class with non autistic children. To learn from them. To mimic them. To better my sons life. And now on passing you can not tell my son has aspergers. If you spend time with him you will see it.

Everything in California you fight for. Everything is a challenge. It is very costly to live here. Air quality is always bad.

After my research I’ve found I’m much more confident in our decision to relocate.

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Montana health facts I’ve researched



Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Montana females. It accounts for 33% of all cancers diagnosed in Montana women. Lung cancer 15% and colorectal cancer 11%

Approximately 730 Montana women are diagnosed with breast cancer yearly.

In 2009 the incidence rate of female breast cancer in Montana 129.6 per 100,000 women  was similar to the incidence rate in the US 130.1 per 100,000 women.

In Montana over 60% of breast cancers were diagnosed at localized stage.

Cervical cancer incidence in Montana is low. It accounts for 1% of all dancers in Montana women.

In 2006-2010 32 Montana women were diagnosed with cervical cancer.

In Montana 53% of cervical cancers were diagnosed at the regional or distant stages.


212,000 adults have a diagnosis of arthritis.
26% men
32% women
13% ages 18-44
35% ages 45-64
55% age 65+

Of those diagnosed
29% are Caucasian
22% are hispanic
No % for african americans sample size to small

Asthma and allergies

12.4% of Montana adults age 18 and over and 20.9% of high school students have been diagnosed with asthma.

75,000 people in Montana have been diagnosed with asthma.

Approximately 700 hospitalizations are reported with a primary diagnosis if asthma a year.

Approximately 4200 hospitalizations are reported with a secondary diagnosis of asthma.

Hospitalizations are highest for children 0-4 years of age and adults 65+

Dustmites, cockroaches are not a common problem in Montana with the elevation and weather. Mold will thrive outside and inside if given a chance.

Air quality
Montana’s air quality studies show they are 98.4% better than the national average.
With 29 days a year with moderate air quality.
And no days with unhealthy air quality.

Montana is very accepting of special needs children and their families. They support mainstreaming.

A much better, healthier place to live and raise a family than California. That’s the end result of my research. 🙂

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A Special Need Planning Timeline: 9 Steps to a Sound Family Plan | Parenting Special Needs Magazine Great article. Take the time to read it and subscribe to

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All I can say is wow

Evidently I missed the memo. Today is rude people day. It all started off at the Donut shop its donut Friday after all. The kids and I took the truck Thank God.

Donut shop was unusually busy. I waited in line for 7 minutes. When 2 women entered and walked to counter. They waited till donut lady was done with fella she was helping and they said I’ll take a…. The donut lady held up hand and said she was next pointing to me.

The lady’s say no we were Here. We were first! Donut lady holds up hand and comes to me. I was like wow wth?! Welcome to Cali!! I thank donut lady for helping me. I leave.

We get back in truck, I look behind me no one is there. Put truck in reverse looking back, I back out of spot. Put truck in drive. I see a person bonzi into driveway behind me. He zooms past me honking horn. They park, his lovely teenage girl gets out sticks tongue out at me and flips me off.

I casually tell my oldest, must be a douche bag from your school. He says I don’t think so. Off to his school we go. I Drop him off at high school. On way out of driveway my light is green, some yahoo runs red light. And then guess what?! Here comes man that honked and teenager from hell!!!! Going to my sons school. ROFLMAO

I say to my other son I’m glad we took the truck today. Seeing as I didn’t get the drive like a butthead memo.

As I get to the gas station by my other sons school someone zooms out of station right in front of me, I almost squished that fool. Most people don’t pull out In front of a moving vehicle so I’m assuming it was an alien from mars or Uranus.

Ok sorry about the anus joke. I’m having a day!

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What must you have to relocate

FAITH! For without it you will fail.

The NIV Bible, Hebrews 11:1 Says “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

Romans 10:10 says ” For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved”.

The dictionary says faith is a observance of obligation, a belief in something, a confidence in a thing or person.

The thesaurus says Faith is trust in something. A belief in a higher being.

I have faith that if we are meant to relocate it will happen. Things will come together. God will provide the path to wherever we belong. That’s what faith means to me.

We’ve gotten very clear signs we do not belong here. This isn’t where we want to be, not where we want to raise our kids.

Prices are very high in southern California especially at the coast. If we stay here we will never own our own home.

People here are always in a rush. They honk a split second after the light changes green and you don’t move. Then they veer around you and yell at you or flip you off. My children have seen things here I didn’t see at their age.

Of course I wasn’t raised here either. I was raised in the mid west. Where people are warm and calm. Not cold and rushed. Where people stop and enjoy the seasons not bitch because its foggy, or windy, or raining. Where people help their friends, their neighbors, their community. Not obstruct their view of reality by being materialistic and turning their head to avoid seeing what’s going on in their world.

I long for a place to call my HOME, a place to raise my kids. A calm place.  A better life for the kids. A better life for their children, when they get married. A better life for my husband and I. Less hostility, less rushed. Smaller class sizes than 41-45 students.
A place that is accepting of kids with special needs. A place where everyone is viewed as a worthy life.

A place that the air isn’t brown everyday with smog, a place with views of things other than my blockwall or my neighbors house, a place where I will hear sounds other than my neighbors dogs, drums or ambulances going to help people that have crashed their cars, a place where my kids might have a Caucasian friend, a place where kids on the way to school don’t have to be paralyzed in fear wondering if today is the day they will get hit by a parent in a rush to get to Los Angeles for work.

A calming, beautiful place with genuine people. Not the fake Californians I live with now. I know very few people without cosmetic improvements. I’m all natural! The way God made me!

I have faith that it will work out. I can feel it. I just need to stay on track and be patient.


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Low immunity and people who think its funny

I have low immunity. Its been documented in my medical charts since I was 6 months old. Its just the way I’ve always been. I’ve come to accept it. Not like it. But accept it, live with it.

I have to be careful around people. If their sick I avoid them. If my kids are sick they stay in their rooms, I take things to them. I sterilize the house if one of us is sick.

When my children were younger and would go to let’s say Mc Donalds and play in the toys or Chuck E Cheese, or a friends house. I’d strip them down when we got home each their clothes give them a bath.

Lots of situations are stressful for me. Church for instance with everyone wanting to greet and shake hands or hug. My job, I care for pre k and kinder kids during their lunch. And they are always sick. Shopping carts, gas pumps, anything many people touch are germ cespools.

I take 8 pills a day to keep my immune system as strong as it can be. Yet last year 2012 I had only 45 days that I was NOT sick or on antibiotics. 45 days in the WHOLE year.

My coworkers think its funny if their sick, they make jokes about I’ll bet she won’t come near me. My TRUE friends understand, and want me healthy. They tell me Don’t come over here I’m sick.

I wish everyone was understanding. That everyone cared. But this is a crappy world, with crappy people. People that judge me due to my low immunity. People that judge my son due to #Autism, #Aspergers.

Did you know that even a very small amount of sugar in your diet has been proven to impair white blood cells by 50%.

Some people have low immunity due to nutritional deficiency.

People like me with low immunity can only drink filtered water.

I have to get 8-10 hours of sleep or I’m 90% more likely to get sick. I’ve just learned this part this year. Its made a huge improvement in my life.

I take many immune boosting pills and items. They do all help. Combined together I can get about 4-6 months now with out getting sick. Which is an awesomely huge change.

I worry about being a burden on my family. However my hubby says I never am. But its a real downer always being sick. And a huge financial burden. A simple cold usually turns to a sinus infection, ear infection, pink eye. If I don’t get in soon enough it goes to a uti. Just keeps getting worse and worse.

I have so many allergies to medications its very hard to treat me. That is why avoidance is best for me. If someone is Ill, I won’t go near them.

Don’t judge people until you’ve walked a week in their shoes. You do not know their trials or tribulations.

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Its about what you like on a pizza

Some people like their pizza saucy, some like deep dish, others like thin crust, then you have the garlic lovers.

I like my pizza wet with sauce, roasted garlic crust, deep dish. Pepperoni, red onions, bell peppers, mmm mmm mmm.

So that’s where the story went bad. I went out to dinner at Numero Uno pizza. There were 14 of us. Only one wanted to go there. And since that one is my mother we all shut up and went.

There were many pizzas ordered by our group. Bbque chicken, pepperoni with tomato chunks, one called a dry margarita. I also ordered nachos as I knew my family wouldn’t like the pizza.

Well the nachos are on pita chips, very little cheese, a huge glob of sour cream, and a few olives and red onions. They would have been way better on tortilla chips and with cheese.

The pizza was all very dry, a ton of cheese, and chunks of tomatoes. It was as if they thought the chunks of tomato made up for no pizza sauce. And the crust was sweet. Sugar sweet. It was so odd. I had one piece and was grossed out.

My aspie wanted to leave as soon as we arrived. He doesn’t do well at new places. He was very uncomfortable. Its a  Loud place, 10 TVs in place. We stayed long enough that my mom said if you need to go honey just go. She didn’t have to say it twice. I looked at my aspie son he nodded and we left.

Next time we won’t be able to make it. 🙂

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