There are still kind people in this world!

There are some truly kind people in the world still. You know the kind of people that stop what they are doing to help a stranger.

And then when you thank them they say glad to help sweetheart. Have a great day!

I was at home depot trying to match a paint sample the employees weren’t being helpful. Just kept saying we need a sample big enough to get in this machine!

After the third time she said that, this man stopped his cart turned around and said do you have a fan book of colors?! Girl says yes. He says good! Let me see it.

He walks over to me and says let’s take a look. He tells me he has a pretty good eye. So we look.. he finds the perfect match. I thank him for taking time out of his busy day to help me. To which he replies glad to help sweetheart. Have a great day!

I turn back to less than helpful employee which is now a manager instead. And I say thank God for that man since I didn’t have the right size sample!! She says oh he’s a contractor. He’s here every morning. He doesn’t usually talk to anyone.

Well he did talk to me. And I’m forever greatful.

Part of the next chapter of our RVing lives


We sold the trailer last month. The truck is now for sale. We are going to buy a used motorhome when we have cash saved up.

We are excited to be loan free for the first time in 7 years. That is why the next RV will be paid for in full. No loan!

Our camping adventure is far from over. We really love it. And are looking forward to getting a new toy to work on and fix up.