I run a tight ship

I have to. With 3 males in the house. And one of them being an Aspie and another having Autistic like traits. We didn’t continue with testing on that child because he needs no extra support. He’s the straight A child that doesn’t have to work for it.

Then I have my Aspie that works Sooo very hard. Has to work for everything. Has an IEP at school. Is in a peer support group at school that he really enjoys.

Anyway. These children are like a bull in a China house. They run me over and twist the rules. So Since 2004 this house has run on lists and rules.

And it runs great! Occasionally we will have a child slip up. But not often. The children know the rules. They are posted. And the children signed the rules.


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Church Music by garageninja1 on SoundCloud

http://soundcloud.com/garageninja1/church-music We really enjoyed going to a new Church this morning. Here is a sample of the music they played this morning. They have a band. People were very warm and welcoming. My aspie was on overload. But did well till someone asked his name and grade of school. There was an awkward silence as he figured out what his name and grade was. If we continue to go there we will share with them that he has aspergers. But there is no reason to share yet. 🙂

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One off school one not

My youngest and I are off today from school furlough day at its finest. Only thing that got my Aspie son to school was the donut I bought him. After all its donut Friday!

Notice my pup in back seat in her Waiting for santa Pj’s.

So here I sit watching my son play, play station games. The weekend started last night for he and I. This is a big weekend!! My husbands work has their Christmas party this weekend.

Not sure what I’m going to wear yet. But I’m excited to go. Its a family party. All of us are invited. They boys had a great time last year.

Hope you all have a nice relaxing Friday.

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