Proud of my boys

With much hard work. And patience we have progress on the boys adventure to get to Eagle Scouts in Boy Scouts.

It has been a long hard journey that will have a sweet ending. They can both see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

My oldest had a meeting last week to check his Eagle Application. It was accepted and is being turned in to the district. We should have a date for his Eagle Board Of Review in a couple weeks.

My youngest had a meeting last week to get his project plan approved so he can start work on his Eagle Project. This was try 2 on this part of his paperwork. It was approved!! Now he can start to fund raise and get a date for his project.

Both boys started this adventure in 1st grade as Tiger Cub Scouts. They earned every rank badge Cub Scouts has.   They ended Cub Scouts with the Arrow Of Light.

And now they are inching up on the highest rank of Boy Scouts also earning every Rank Badge Boy Scout offers.


Update! Both boys received the rank of Eagle Scout in 2013.

So proud!

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Their all packed!

For their backpacking trip that is. The boys are going with their Boy Scout troop this weekend on a backpacking trip.

They will hike into camp, set up tents, cook etc. And hike out the next afternoon.

They had their weigh in last night. Their only allowed to carry 25% of their weight in their packs. Their excited. And ready to go!

Its to be another hot weekend. Please pray for safety for the group of boys and adults going.

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What we do to entertain our Autistic children

I saw someone ask today is it rude to bring iPad to church to occupy an autistic child.

No. No it’s not rude. We’ve over the years been through many stages. My Aspie is now 16 1/2 years old. And no it doesn’t go away, or get easier. The older they get the larger the obvious split off their peers becomes.
Imagine it this way. Look at a tree, their peers are the trunk. As these kids age they go off on branches. Still part of the tree just on a different journey than their peers.

As my child has grown and matured the divide has become larger. Boys his age are dating, going to dances, working, driving a car. My son is working, and concentrating on school and Boy Scouts and could careless about getting his driving license..

Boys his age understand proper dating edicate. My son does not. In less than a week he asked out 4 girls. All said no.

When my son was young we brought his leap pad everywhere. No leap pad= major melt down. Then it was the gameboy, iPod, now its his cell phone, iPod, and lanyard or paper to make origami’s or to draw.

It doesn’t go away, it changes and matures with them. I’ve learned to ignore the stares and snarls from outsiders. Until…

Last year at our previous church, it was during the 11 am service. A service that lasts 1 1/2 hours that my son was quietly tearing up his Church bulletin to make origami’s as I forgot his paper. The Usher walked up to him sitting in the pew 2 family members away from me and says to my son “Do you not know you’re at Church?! You are disrespectful! QUIT TEARING THE BULLITIN” At which point my son gets up and walks to bathroom. He returns a bit later obviously shaken by the man.

Well.. When I was my turn for communion and that Usher came to our pew I grabbed the jerk by the hand and let him know ( You are in a Church! Your job is not to judge people! That child you just judged is AUTISTIC, that’s what he does to be able to bear sitting in a noisy, people, loud music,  filled Church! I also let him know he was to NEVER again speak to my child. Speak to me. It was 6 weeks after this even we left that Church. And I’ve never looked back. God Guided us to where we belong.

We have found a Church that accepts my child/children for they are. The Pastor likes my sons origami’s lol and all people in Church know my kids well and love them for who they are and the differences that they have. They also ask me about how the 2 are doing in school, Ieps, Boy Scouts. A completely loving Christian environment.

Moral of story, Never ever let anyone push you around, or make you feel odd about what you as a special needs parent MUST do to make your child comfortable and be able to succeed!

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Potluck dinner goes green

So our quarterly Boy Scout potluck dinner is tonight. I’ve received an email saying we’ve gone green.

Well personally.. that excites me. I run to kitchen to break out our dishes for tonight.


Everyone has a different one. Mine is in upper left, hubby’s upper right, my oldest lower left, and my youngest son lower right. I love those plates!!

Well my oldest, my aspie blurts out. “Ok so now were gonna be some green, eco freaks?!”

I laugh and say yes!! Your plate will from now on go everywhere with you! You will use it at school, grandma’s, friends homes.

Son looks a bit green. So I say have a look in the mirror. Your a green freak!

He laughed so hard!! Silly days with silly teens!

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Civil War Reenactment 2012

With the beginning of the month of September comes the annual Civil War Reenactment.

My children have worked as security, clean up for the last 4 years of Boy Scouts.

Before that they had visited the Civil War Reenactment as a “go see it” with Cub Scouts for 5 years.

So this has been part of our family’s life for 9 years now.

Here are some pictures from this year.


I’ve also posted videos at youtube.

Today is the day before tomorrow..

Today is the day before tomorrow which is the day my sons Eagle Scout Project begins!!

I’m so excited! And nervous.  We’ve been to Home Depot 4 times so far today and they don’t close for another 2 1/2  hours.  So there is still time to go back!

My son is nervous about having enough Boy Scouts to do the work. His job is to lead and supervise the project. Not do the manual work.

So far today we’ve had one dad and 2 boys step down from the work schedule. I’m hoping we don’t lose anymore.

Its been a long road to get my aspie son to this point. I’m so proud of him. What a huge thing this will be when its complete.
Project is set for tomorrow and Saturday. If it goes off as planned and gets completed I’m planning a celebration dinner for my son Saturday night.

This project has been being planned and worked on since November of 2011. 9 months! Im so excited to see his design plans at work and the completed product.
He is building 2 covers for our Churchs preschool sand boxes. To keep the sand clean. And animal droppings out.

One sand box is concrete and in good condition. The other my son is rebuilding. Its made of wood and has a wood seat. All the wood is termite damaged and rotten.

Well anyway. I will update as the project goes.

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