Things I saw at the Campground

Where to start? I saw unattended children. Dogs tied to trees, no owner outside. I saw people let their dogs spray picnic tables, one man kept letting his dog poo right by our door.

Yes he picked it up. But why let your dog on my camp site in the first place?! Its rude and disrespectful. 

In my community there is a 6 foot leash law. All the people at the campground had those really long retractable ones.

My kids said I’m glad that’s against the law where we live. I said yep I agree.

We had a small child probably 4 years old kicking and throwing rocks at our RV while his father stood there and spun around his pink umbrella.


There was the neighbor with the 44 foot RV full of bass speakers pumping through the park all night one night.

Then the drunk guy threatening someone’s kid and the sheriff officers that showed up but the drunk was gone.

To return at 230am and wake us up with all his noise, security showed up to deal with him.

Then you have the diesel pushers that just idle at all hours. Their not going anyplace. Just running.

We enjoyed the park train that came threw everyday.

And the pup learned to bark at big dogs! Lol everytime one would walk by shed bark.

I prefer camping living over this stick house I’m sitting in right now. Never have been a house person. I’m happier outside.

We had a great week. Saw lots of cool things. Had wonderful family time. And the pup was awesome. Not one complaint when we would carry her for hours while we were out. At almost 9 pounds she has no business being on the ground in most situations.

I don’t think people would step on her. But larger dogs always try and get her and she shakes as and shivers in fright.

Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanks for stopping by….