Crafty ideas to get your kids to do what you ask without fights.

We have one son that has Aspergers, and one that has autistic like traits as doctor has said.

This house is run like a fine tuned Instrument. It has to be or nothing gets done.

There are lists and rules for everything.  Want to know if you can watch tv, play a video game, play on the computer? Go look at the daily schedule.

Want to know when your to do your chores, go ride your bike that’s on a schedule also.

Bad words (hurtful words) these Kids don’t cuss.   Bad attitude, talking back,  and you add a quarter to the jar for each offence. (The jar is being used to save for a puppy)

Everything in this house is run on a number. Even or odd. One Child is even other one takes odd numbers. It never changes. They stay either even or odd.

Who gets to sit in the front seat? What date is it? Even or odd. Who gets to pick the tv show? What date is it? Even or odd.Same with shower time. Who’s ever date it is goes first. All the meeee first fights are gone!

And yes I came up with the ideas myself 🙂

Thanks for reading. Blessings!

Autism, Asthma, Food Allergies, Eczema …

Autism is difficult enough when your child is diagnosed with it. Then you add the asthma, food allergies, and eczema. And a few other things. And oh boy!

My son didn’t understand his body’s signs and symptoms well enough to explain them. He would say my tummy hurts and grab his chest and cough.

And he never complained about things he ate until we took those things away and replaced with things he could eat. Such as removing cows milk. And replacing with rice milk. As he is also allergic to soy.

Well anyway one day he was eating his cereal with rice milk. And he blurts out. Mommy, why doesn’t this make me dizzy? I was shocked! So I asked more questions. How did you feel after you had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? He says like my chest was having fireworks and I couldn’t swallow.

My sons autism has made it very difficult for him to read his body. As with social cues and idioms we’ve had to teach him how to listen to what his body is telling him.

Eczema comes and goes. But autism, food allergies and asthma are here to stay.