What happens in the garage should stay in the garage..

My favorite part of my home. Is the garage. I long to be allowed to go out and spend a whole day in it. With no babysitter!

You see this problem started almost 19 years ago now. Sheesh you make one mistake. And your out!

The garage is a place that holds secrets. It has hidden toys in it. an Air compressor for instance makes blowing up pool toys a blast! Literally! There were pieces of that raft hanging from the rafters, shelves, bikes and cubbards when I got done.

Or you can blow out your vacuum filter. Just make sure you take it outside! Don’t do it in the garage Like I did. What a mess.

I would have probably never got caught. Except I forgot to switch the compressor  off.. it kicked on at 2 am to refill the tank. Well if that wasn’t enough to scare you to death I dont know what is. Then I had to fabricate a story of how that got turned on.

I’ve over the years found a buffer which I waxed my van at the time with. My yellow shirt, washing machine, garage floor and one wall were sprayed in green wax by the time I was done. Van looked good though.

I’ve found a cool sander that I used on the window sills. Lost a finger nail on that toy.

There are huge wrenches I’ve tried to pick up and hold and take a pic of me holding. Those make a loud racket when you drop them. And they hurt. Squashed my baby toe with one.

There are lots of chemicals out there.. I’ve sprayed painted, used goof off, and used mineral spirits all while having garage door closed and dryer running. That makes for some stinky clothing when its dry!

I’ve gotten my fingers stuck in my car door, knocked my self senseless on door jam, and flew across garage after leaving news papers outside the door and coming inside only to open the  door and step on them on my way into the garage  and slide across the garage. That hurt for weeks.

I’ve yanked on items I’ve wanted to see only to have stuff collapse all over the place.

It’s funny, nothing bad ever seems to happen in the house, only in the garage.  The buffer was missing for last 3 years. I found it a couple months ago. And taught my kids how to use it. LOL oldest child did great. Youngest just Like his mama had a good spray of  wax going. We waxed truck and car that week. Haven’t seen buffer since….

Over this last summer we painted the exterior of the house. Everything I needed was in back yard. Yes thats right. Hubby kept it all outside just to keep me out of garage!

Maybe one day ill be allowed in the garage again without a baby sitter…