Home sweet Home!

We made it. The move was successful. Havent found anything damaged yet. There is still much to unpack..

Wedsnesday we had A/c vents and ducting cleaned and sterilized for our asthma sufferers, dryer vent cleaned, chimney sweep out.

Yesterday we celebrated our first holiday in our new HOME. The beginning of new memories, and traditions. This is an exciting time.

The kitchen far exceeded my expectations. They said it was state of art. Well let me tell you. I LOVED my experience in it yesterday. Everything cooked to perfection, tons of counter space. Next Thanksgiving it will have double ovens. That will make it even better!

The family is very happy and comfortable here. We made the right choice when we put in an offer on this home. More to come later.. I must get back to unpacking. The boys start school in 3 days.

Today we are enjoying the first rain since we have lived here.

Beware.. My husband is on cook duty for dinner

And as usual its quite a ride! He was to make turkey meatloaf. He took out the milk and said matter of factly, its expired. I say ok check for another gallon.

Then I see him smelling and measuring out the milk. What are you doing? I say. He says I’m going to use the milk! I say um no. We don’t use expired milk. We’ve tried that already. We all got ill.

So he huffs and puffs and goes to the store to get another gallon. Problem adverted…or so you’d think. No its just the beginning of this story.

Onto mixing the ingredients. He takes the ground turkey, adds the egg, milk, bread crumbs and puts it into a loaf pan. Then he places it in the oven. I go to look and see how he did to see the meatloaf mix package on the counter UNOPENED.

I pick up the package and say did you forget the mix?? He says omgosh! So ya.. then out of the oven the meatloaf comes so we can add the seasoning.

After its back in the oven. He says Thank God you noticed that. That meatloaf would have been nasty.

I say. Ya think?! LoL maybe we will eat sometime tonight.

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The leprechaun saved the day!

Or was it me? Well anyways hubby ruined his first dinner early this morning (see previous post) then I sent him to the store for more corned beef.

Not a brisket this time though. We didn’t have enough time to cook a brisket so he bought some from the deli.

I heated the meat up, toasted the rye bread, slathered it in thousand island, put on a piece of swiss cheese, mounded up the meat, added sour kraut, and heated whole sandwich in toaster oven. Mmm mmm mmm. Perfection!


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His Birthday dinner in the trash

Don’t let him in the kitchen. EVER.
Yet another reason my husband should not be allowed in kitchen under any circumstance.

He was to get up at 4 am and put corned beef in crockpot. AND turn it on.

Well he put it in crockpot, put water over it, and walked away.

I walk into kitchen 4 1/2 hours later to find corned beef in crockpot that was never turned on. Aughhh

The company that sold it is closed today. But I don’t see how you could leave out something raw for that long then cook it and eat it and not get sick. 
The package says must remain refrigerated or frozen. It Doesn’t say you can leave it out in room temperature water for over 4 hours. And then cook it.

So to the trash it will go. His Birthday dinner in the trash.

Onto plan B for his Birthday dinner. :-/

Moral of the story… you want something done right..DO IT YOUR SELF

Happy St Pattys Day!

Received the most fabulous box in the mail today

See this whole story started with my Christmas goody packages I send to my friends. I sent out 4 special boxes this year. Each one personalized in a way.

I placed homemade cookies in holiday decorated Chinese take out like boxes I bought at hobby lobby. I then put tissue paper in the USPS priority boxes. And then I made a photocopy of the persons favorite thing or the thing I call them.

One box had a photocopy of the cookie monster, another a gummy bear, another golf balls and the final box, bacon.

Now of these 4 boxes I have only met one of the people in person. I met them all online through a forum. We all have common interests. We live all over the U.S. I’ve known them for 6-7 years now.

One of them lives in northern California. Last summer we got to meet him. Camped with him and his grandson for a week. My boys asked him at the end of the week if they could call him grandpa.

Anyway back to the package I received today. At first glance I notice the box is used. Then I notice the label is the shipping label I shipped this very same box out with. The label was cut and taped to the box in the reverse order I shipped it to him. I then open the box and there layed a baggy of chex mix. One of my favorites. I left the baggy and there is a Tupperware bowl. Yes TUPPERWARE! I remove the Tupperware and there is the tissue paper I used to pack the box I sent him.

What a wonderful box I have received from a wonderful long distance friend I have never met in person but hope to one day.

Your friends near or far. Online or next to you are a blessing. Enjoy each and everyone of them. Cherish the laughter, hope, and peace they bring you.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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One of a few reasons why I shouldn’t let my hubby in the kitchen

So my hubby likes to cook. And I like him to. 🙂  Its nice to get a break.
Some of his kitchen adventures have ended in disasters. Like the time he lit my glass stove top  on fire with vegetable oil.

Or the time he dumped the pizza off the pizza pan onto the cooking rods in the oven.

And tonight we had the rice incident. He opened the box, and assuming the rice was in a bag inside the box, he dumped box out! Well guess what. That’s right the rice was NOT in a bag.


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