Inland Empire fun

We had a great time on our trip this last week. We stayed at La Quinta Inn and Suites. Doggy friendly, clean, nice staff and breakfast daily.

And warm cookies in the evening.

We went to Old Town Temecula and enjoyed a root beer, pickle and a nice walk down the center of town.

We visited the museum in Temecula about its history. It was pretty cool.

We drove around Menifee, Murrieta and Temecula and came to the conclusion we don’t want to live in the Inland Empire. And with that we look seriously to Arizona. Woot!

While on our trip we dropped into Petco to get some supplies for the pup and found a toy she loves.

Fuel was more expensive in Temecula than it is here. :-0 which is quite surprising.

We had a wonderful relaxing get away.




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Don’t eat at RODRIGOS


They discriminate against people with Life threatening food allergies.

We have been eating there for 15 years. Waaaay back to when they were called Don Jose. And my children were 2 and 4 years old. And have ALWAYS brought in food for kids.

Well tonight we were asked to leave. Oh I did after I gave them a ear full. And my husband vented.

I will NEVER eat there again.

I can’t say what I want to. Because I’m a better person than that. But I will give you a clean version. SCREW YOU RODRIGOS!!

Oh!! And everyone I know will soon know you discriminate against people with special needs/ food allergy children!!

Ok breathe… The children are fed. Now to figure out what my hubby and I will eat.

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Beware.. My husband is on cook duty for dinner

And as usual its quite a ride! He was to make turkey meatloaf. He took out the milk and said matter of factly, its expired. I say ok check for another gallon.

Then I see him smelling and measuring out the milk. What are you doing? I say. He says I’m going to use the milk! I say um no. We don’t use expired milk. We’ve tried that already. We all got ill.

So he huffs and puffs and goes to the store to get another gallon. Problem adverted…or so you’d think. No its just the beginning of this story.

Onto mixing the ingredients. He takes the ground turkey, adds the egg, milk, bread crumbs and puts it into a loaf pan. Then he places it in the oven. I go to look and see how he did to see the meatloaf mix package on the counter UNOPENED.

I pick up the package and say did you forget the mix?? He says omgosh! So ya.. then out of the oven the meatloaf comes so we can add the seasoning.

After its back in the oven. He says Thank God you noticed that. That meatloaf would have been nasty.

I say. Ya think?! LoL maybe we will eat sometime tonight.

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Our Easter trip to Arizona

Was an awesome trip. We loved what we saw. We are going back this summer for a week to pick neighborhoods were interested in living in.

People are sooooo much calmer there than here in Cali. It was amazing. All my families aliments were gone as they usually are when we visit desert climates.

Took Greg the egg with us as we were there on Easter.

One of my sons was on a trip with school to DC, New York, Philly. So it was a perfect time for us to go. I hate being home on holidays if all of the kids aren’t here.

Pup did great on the 6 hour trip. And in a hotel. It was her first time in a hotel. We usually travel with our RV. But she’s great in a hotel. Which was awesome. Seeing as our RV is up for sale! WOOT!! Just another part of our journey to own a home.

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The leprechaun saved the day!

Or was it me? Well anyways hubby ruined his first dinner early this morning (see previous post) then I sent him to the store for more corned beef.

Not a brisket this time though. We didn’t have enough time to cook a brisket so he bought some from the deli.

I heated the meat up, toasted the rye bread, slathered it in thousand island, put on a piece of swiss cheese, mounded up the meat, added sour kraut, and heated whole sandwich in toaster oven. Mmm mmm mmm. Perfection!


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His Birthday dinner in the trash

Don’t let him in the kitchen. EVER.
Yet another reason my husband should not be allowed in kitchen under any circumstance.

He was to get up at 4 am and put corned beef in crockpot. AND turn it on.

Well he put it in crockpot, put water over it, and walked away.

I walk into kitchen 4 1/2 hours later to find corned beef in crockpot that was never turned on. Aughhh

The company that sold it is closed today. But I don’t see how you could leave out something raw for that long then cook it and eat it and not get sick. 
The package says must remain refrigerated or frozen. It Doesn’t say you can leave it out in room temperature water for over 4 hours. And then cook it.

So to the trash it will go. His Birthday dinner in the trash.

Onto plan B for his Birthday dinner. :-/

Moral of the story… you want something done right..DO IT YOUR SELF

Happy St Pattys Day!

Arizona health facts I’ve researched

I’ve been busy researching facts again. This time for Arizona.

On average it shows you will live a tiny bit longer if you live in Arizona
Male AZ 77.4 yrs
Male US 76.0 yrs
Female AZ 82.6 yrs
Female US 81.2 yes

Cancer rates are lower in AZ . Their the lowest in the US. However survival rate of cancer is low due to late diagnosis. And that is due to people not going in for screenings when they should.

Number of cancer deaths per 100,000 population by race/ethnicity/sex
White –
AZ 156.2
US 177.2
AZ 166.0
US 211.3
AZ 408.5
US 532.6
AZ 356.2
US 412.9

Asthma and allergy prevalence is in the lower end in Arizona compared to other parts of the US.

Physical activity participation is higher in AZ than most areas of the US which I would contribute to the awesome weather.

Arizona has some of the highest skin cancer rates in the US. That is due to sunny weather and people not using sunscreen.

Diabetes is held at bay a bit in Arizona. Their average is lower then most.

Arthritis in general it is believed the warmer the climate the less the symptoms. It is true a hot, dry climate makes arthritics feel better. It WILL NOT cure your arthritis. You will still have symptoms. Just not as often as someone who lives in let’s say Ohio.

Arthritis rates in Arizona are fairly high due to people heading to warmer climate to relieve symptoms.

Adults with arthritis 30%

All and all Arizona looks like a healthy choice.

With an average of 211 sunny days a year in the greater Phoenix area, 102 partly sunny days for a total of 264 good weather days a year its a good place to live.

They have air quality issues there as most states do. They appear to be a little better than California.

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