Aren’t neighbors great?!

My neighbor is a rude, noisy, jerk. Welcome to Coastal  California! Beach cities neighbors are the worst.  Out in some areas of  the inland empire you get not desirable neighbors. But not crazy, arrogant, fools like here at the coast.

And don’t even think of calling the PD on crappy neighbors. They will tell person exactly who called! And don’t bother talking to neighbor. It doesn’t help, it actually makes it worse.

Like I’ve offended him by asking at midnight to turn down his boom boom sterio, or to not blow off M80’s in the back yard right outside my garage door, or to please try and quiet your 5 dogs you pen right against the wall on side of my house. All day and night.

See I could call PD your only allowed 2 dogs here. But I don’t. Been there done that with my other neighbor. Cops tell them exactly who called.

So instead I sit here and bide my time waiting to leave this place in next 2 years. Next house will have a HOA I can send complaints to! That much I can guarantee.

Today he had people come out and remove palm trees he planted 5 years ago. I’m glad their gone. Should have never been where he planted. Against the wall tugging on our power lines to our place.

But he should have told us. I could have moved my plants. I could have moved everything out of way. But that would take a nice person. And you won’t find that here.


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