Its been one heck of a day!

Its been one heck of a day and its not even noon yet!

We’ve had 2 earthquakes. A 4.0 and 4.5. Nothing big. Just gets your attention. We are EQ prepared so its all ok.

My son slammed thumb in car door. And I ran into the trucks mirror with my arm/ shoulder.

Then I was on way to my mother in laws when the 4.5 EQ hit I made a u turn and raced home to get our puppy (she gets scared). Then back to mother in laws.

From there we went to the bank. Well the lady teller while counting our money ripped a bill in half.  A funny Jamaican lady with a very strong accent. She was like OH MY GOODNESS! It was very funny.

Wonder what’s going to happen next..


Thanks for reading!