Heart Racing Morning October 29, 2012

Very scary waking moments this morning.

I woke up to this sight


My pups crate open. At first I thought oh..ok the kids are up?? Then I thought YEA RIGHT! And I screamed wheres the dog?!

No answer or dog running to me. I scream again where is the dog?? Still no answer I go into spare bathroom cat litter box still intact, cat food still in bowl.

Kids trash on floor like usual. I then say hey guys get up!! Where is the puppy?!!!! I found the cat sound asleep.

By now im very scared. Looking in kids bedrooms, up and down hall way, bathrooms, go back to crate to see pup sitting up in crate with a kinda guilty look on her face.

I picked her up sniffed her mouth dont smell cat food. I hope she didnt get into it or we will be at the vet later. I guess she never left her crate.. But honestly I dont believe that for a moment! LOL

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Waffles is ONE!!

Our yorkie-poo Puppy is now One year old. she is full-grown we are told. But at just 9 pounds she will always be a puppy to us. People say you save an animal from the shelter. I beg to differ. She saved us. She has brought so much happiness to our lives. Shes brought my Child with aspergers out of his shell.

She goes everywhere with us. School drop offs in the morning, camping, grandparents visits. Shes a great addition to our family. Here are some pictures of her first year.

This is the day we brought her home. The first time we met her.

Buying her a harness and leash. My son with Aspergers was holding her. Since the day we brought her home he has not wanted to set her down. This is one pampered pup.

Waffles loves car rides!

Her first time camping. She had a blast. We knew at that moment we fell in love with the perfect pup for us.

Growing up! Shes looking like an adult Yorkie-poo now. She is 7 months old. She loves to nap on my bed.

Bath time! She loves the bath.

Her favorite ball. Loves wiffle balls!

The big day has arrived!! Waffles is ONE YEAR OLD!! 10/1

Here is a picture with her in her Halloween costume.

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Autism friendly places?? Nope pet friendly!

Its interesting to go out on the town with your children and your dog.

People are very critical over my autistic son. They say things like: look at me when I speak to you, that behavior isn’t age appropriate, if my child acted like that i’d spank him, they get annoyed by the amout of time it may take for him to order his food. Or to see hes in the way of someone.

Now you go into a store and leave a child out front with the puppy. And store owners say oh the dog can come in. Can I give it a treat?

The world is backwards. You should be more caring of my child than my dog.

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the kindness of letting the puppy in on a hot day.

But cant you be kind and say nice things to my son on a bad day?

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Camping day 4

Sun shining. Pup rejuvinated. This heat is hard on her. Weve taken to if she pants we get to a/c right away approach. Yorkies overheat very easily.

Today we were up at 635. Pup didnt get up at 4 so that was nice. Took pup on walk around camp ground. She made it about half way before we had to pick her up. She plops down on belly with all legs out when shes tired. And if you keep going you will drag her on tummy. When shes done. Shes done!

Hubby and my youngest went to the fitness center today to work out. My youngest has been begging to go in there. And now that hes 14 hes allowed with an adult. Course im not so sure my hubby qualifies as an adult. I know i dont!



After that the boys went swimming and then played tennis.


Another great day! Sad to think we go home tomorrow 😦 i prefer our trailer over our stick dwelling.

Camping day 3

Today the pup got us up at 4am then again at 615am. Then we fell back asleep till 8ish.

Today we went to Old Town Temecula and walked the town. Looked around. The shop owners were very kind. My hubby stayed outside with pup and owners said he can carry her in store. So that was nice.


Went to the rootbeer factory there and drank some rootbeer.



Then we had a picnic lunch in a near by park.


And then we took the boys to a army surplus store. They loved that. We then headed back to the campground and the kids swam. And we relaxed. Another great day in the great outdoors!