Busy looking at maps and stuff – Update from April 22, 2013

We have been busy looking at maps and real estate agents lately. We located an agent we like. We have made up our want list in a home. Its been a very busy time.

We’ve done research on schools and found the school we want the boys to attend. We have 2 communities we are narrowing in on.

I’ve made a board with maps and what not to help us on our journey. It has really helped. Has a map of Area, school boundary map, zip code map etc..

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Our Easter trip to Arizona

Was an awesome trip. We loved what we saw. We are going back this summer for a week to pick neighborhoods were interested in living in.

People are sooooo much calmer there than here in Cali. It was amazing. All my families aliments were gone as they usually are when we visit desert climates.

Took Greg the egg with us as we were there on Easter.

One of my sons was on a trip with school to DC, New York, Philly. So it was a perfect time for us to go. I hate being home on holidays if all of the kids aren’t here.

Pup did great on the 6 hour trip. And in a hotel. It was her first time in a hotel. We usually travel with our RV. But she’s great in a hotel. Which was awesome. Seeing as our RV is up for sale! WOOT!! Just another part of our journey to own a home.

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Arizona health facts I’ve researched

I’ve been busy researching facts again. This time for Arizona.

On average it shows you will live a tiny bit longer if you live in Arizona
Male AZ 77.4 yrs
Male US 76.0 yrs
Female AZ 82.6 yrs
Female US 81.2 yes

Cancer rates are lower in AZ . Their the lowest in the US. However survival rate of cancer is low due to late diagnosis. And that is due to people not going in for screenings when they should.

Number of cancer deaths per 100,000 population by race/ethnicity/sex
White –
AZ 156.2
US 177.2
AZ 166.0
US 211.3
AZ 408.5
US 532.6
AZ 356.2
US 412.9

Asthma and allergy prevalence is in the lower end in Arizona compared to other parts of the US.

Physical activity participation is higher in AZ than most areas of the US which I would contribute to the awesome weather.

Arizona has some of the highest skin cancer rates in the US. That is due to sunny weather and people not using sunscreen.

Diabetes is held at bay a bit in Arizona. Their average is lower then most.

Arthritis in general it is believed the warmer the climate the less the symptoms. It is true a hot, dry climate makes arthritics feel better. It WILL NOT cure your arthritis. You will still have symptoms. Just not as often as someone who lives in let’s say Ohio.

Arthritis rates in Arizona are fairly high due to people heading to warmer climate to relieve symptoms.

Adults with arthritis 30%

All and all Arizona looks like a healthy choice.

With an average of 211 sunny days a year in the greater Phoenix area, 102 partly sunny days for a total of 264 good weather days a year its a good place to live.

They have air quality issues there as most states do. They appear to be a little better than California.

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Its all part of the plan

Many things need to be done for us to be ready to relocate the summer of 2014. We have 17months give or take. But trust me… The time will fly!

Its going to take everyday of the remaining months to prepare. We have many things to get done. We need to down size. Get this house ready to move.

We need to cut back on any financial obligations not absolutely necessary. We have no car payments. So that’s good. We are thinking about selling our RV so we’d lose that payment. Which would not only help us qualify for a home loan, but give us financial wiggle room we will need when we own our home.

This is a bit off task.. But I love this song.

So today we went to Church then after Church we went to look at the type of car my hubby would like to get. It is all wheel drive. So unlike the Hondas we own it will be able to get around any area with little to no effort.

Also area we are looking into moving to has one Honda dealer in area. So that isn’t to practical when our Honda’s have 150,000 and 280,000 miles on them.

We need cars that will have parts readily available. And be good on dirt.


This is what we looked at today. Still gets good fuel mileage. Is all wheel drive. Has more clearance than Honda. And there are alot of Subaru dealers there.

I liked it. So now we work on getting the Honda’s ready to sell.

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