I have a pen I lost my pencil #autism #aspergers

So my morning started with all the lights on at 625am and an upset son.

He says well I have a pen it will be fine. I think… Yes it will be fine… Where is my pencil?!

I ask him why don’t you just go get another from the cubbard? He says well I have plenty of pencils. I don’t have lead. I said well go look in cubbard.

Now the melt down begins… I HAVE PENCILS, I DONT HAVE LEAD. CUZ YOU WONT BUY ANY!  I say excuse me? Did you ask for some? Did you think of telling me you were out? Did you write it on the shopping board?!

Here it comes…. Wait for it!….


MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA I respond. Then I ask now how would I know son? He says because I’m out. I haven’t had a pencil all week. I’ll just use my pen.

I say NO you will walk to the cubbard and get another pencil that DOES have lead in it!

Sheesh… Hope your day was a smoother start than mine:-)

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Please watch for pedestrians when driving

Well it happened again yesterday. This is the 4th school friend of my youngest son that has been hit in the crosswalk in front of school.

The boys bicycle is a total loss the boy is ok, bruised, cut up but ok. He went to the doctor. The Lady’s car got impounded and they took her away.

Her hood dented, headlight broken. She really hit that child.

Please drive safely! Please watch for others. No parent or loved one wants that call. You know the one that goes something like this ” your child, husband, wife, has been in an accident and is in the hospital”

That person you almost hit while running that crosswalk is someone’s child, brother, sister, mom, dad, wife, husband. Someone’s EVERYTHING!

Slow down, obey stop lights, crosswalks, stop signs.

Let’s all get home safe and sound.

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One off school one not

My youngest and I are off today from school furlough day at its finest. Only thing that got my Aspie son to school was the donut I bought him. After all its donut Friday!

Notice my pup in back seat in her Waiting for santa Pj’s.

So here I sit watching my son play, play station games. The weekend started last night for he and I. This is a big weekend!! My husbands work has their Christmas party this weekend.

Not sure what I’m going to wear yet. But I’m excited to go. Its a family party. All of us are invited. They boys had a great time last year.

Hope you all have a nice relaxing Friday.

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Stay on the sidewalk! October 24, 2012

My sons walk home today was not the usual uneventful trip. It all started with him texting me to say he was on his way.
Within minutes I heard sirens, I live close enough to the school I could tell where they went. I texted son back “everything ok honey?” He responded yes… I think…. No!

That was quite scary. I wanted to get in the car and go get him. Got to the garage when I got a text saying I’m ok in neighborhood. Girl I walk behind on way home everyday got hit by a car.

Fortunately she was ok. They took her to the hospital to make sure. When son walked by they had her sitting on curb with a neck brace on. When he arrived home he said I’m glad my teacher kept me late. I didn’t want to see that.

He spoke about that event for days. He was so happy when he returned to school to see her walking home and know she was ok.

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Schools in!

Well schools in for one child but not the other yet. That is odd and annoying. One can still play video games at 6 pm (the rule we have set) and the other can not because its a school night. And there is no gaming during the week during school.

You can just imagine what im going through right?? One kid happy as a lark. The other one sulking. Begging. As I told him last night if we let you play now then your brother will want to play when his school starts.

So the answer is NO. Go read the rule chart. We are following the rules. He walks away head hung low like that’s going to change my mind.

On a side note he loves school so far. Day #2. He’s happy with his classes and teachers. He got his work permit finalized today and will hopefully start his job tomorrow.

He’s very excited to work. I remember that first job. The freedom. The first paycheck.  Great memories! Hope their great for my son as well.

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The school year is nipping on our heels.

Well with the school year nipping on our heels I must say can we have a do over?

Summer was great. But I want more time with my kids without homework, and commitments.

I don’t think I’m being greedy. Ive thoroughly enjoyed our summer break. And I know my children have also. But they are ready for school they tell me.

This year I will have a 8th grader and a sophomore in High school. Who’s kids are these? How did they get all grown up? When did they grow up? I think someone stole my children. Did the ole switch a roo on me.

Dont get me wrong. I love that they are independent, able to complete tasks on their own AT TIMES. But they sure do grow up fast!

It was just yesterday my oldest was a Cub Scout. In 2 days he will begin his Eagle Scout Project!

It was just yesterday I carried my youngest around. He’s now 6′ tall!!

Dont blink folks. Cherrish it all. They grow up so fast. Ive been very lucky to be home with the both of them their whole lives. I haven’t missed anything. And for that I will be forever grateful.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the last few days of your summer with your kids. I know I will!