Eagle Scout Project Update from August 18, 2012

Omg!! I thought I posted this on August 17th. Just found it in drafts!

My oldests sons Eagle Scout Project was successfully completed today. 6 hours earlier that scheduled.

Took a total of 7 hour’s to cut, sand, prep, prime, paint wood for sandbox.

5 hours to build sand box covers for the two sand boxes out of pvc pipes and tarps.

6 hours to unbury wooden rotten sand box. Cap off sprinklers that were under sand box. And build a new box with seats and put back in the hole.

It took 9 months in planning and fundraising by my son to get to this weekend.

It took many Boy Scouts and adults working this weekend while my son supervised and delegated jobs out. The Project coordinators job is to delegate work. Show his leadership skills. That’s what Eagle Scout Project is all about. Being a good leader.

I think my son nailed it! Couldn’t be any prouder of him than I am.


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Rededication ceremony..

Today is the rededication ceremony for the preschool my son just completed his Eagle Scout Project at.

The mayor, city counsel members, Church elders are to be in attendance. Another big day for my son.

And my son will be presenting the preschool the remainder of the monies he fundraised that were left over after his project was complete . A good sized check. The preschool isn’t aware of that part yet 🙂

There is to be a ribbon cutting, icecream, refreshments. And a thank you to my son.

Its going to be another great day!

His Thank you from the children and staff at the pre school 🙂

Wow its been a while!

Where on earth does the time go? Thought I had posted recently.. NOPE!

Been a very busy house the last few weeks. Have a garage sale coming up and an Eagle Scout Project! Now the garage sale is a fundraiser for my soon to be Eagle Scout to make money at for his project.

He is building 2 sand box covers and rebuilding a sand box at a local preschool. These are not tiny sand boxes. Its quite a large project.

I’m excited and nervous for him. Excited the day is almost here we have planned for, for a year. And nervous that it all turns out ok. That boys show up to work. See thats the thing. My son The Eagle Scout project maker isnt allowed to work. He is to deligate the work out. Show his leadership skills.

Be successful and complete his project. To do that he must have  helpers.

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A nice quiet day

Well today has been a nice quiet day so far.

Dropped my boys off early this morning to help a fellow Boy Scout on his Eagle project.

My boys go and work at all their friends Eagle projects. They really enjoy it. And they always learn something new.

So its just been me and my pup and the cat of course here today. Its been very quiet and enjoyable. Ahh.

Hope my boys are having fun! They are installing chain link fence at a preschool.

Hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading 🙂