Don’t eat at RODRIGOS


They discriminate against people with Life threatening food allergies.

We have been eating there for 15 years. Waaaay back to when they were called Don Jose. And my children were 2 and 4 years old. And have ALWAYS brought in food for kids.

Well tonight we were asked to leave. Oh I did after I gave them a ear full. And my husband vented.

I will NEVER eat there again.

I can’t say what I want to. Because I’m a better person than that. But I will give you a clean version. SCREW YOU RODRIGOS!!

Oh!! And everyone I know will soon know you discriminate against people with special needs/ food allergy children!!

Ok breathe… The children are fed. Now to figure out what my hubby and I will eat.

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His Birthday dinner in the trash

Don’t let him in the kitchen. EVER.
Yet another reason my husband should not be allowed in kitchen under any circumstance.

He was to get up at 4 am and put corned beef in crockpot. AND turn it on.

Well he put it in crockpot, put water over it, and walked away.

I walk into kitchen 4 1/2 hours later to find corned beef in crockpot that was never turned on. Aughhh

The company that sold it is closed today. But I don’t see how you could leave out something raw for that long then cook it and eat it and not get sick. 
The package says must remain refrigerated or frozen. It Doesn’t say you can leave it out in room temperature water for over 4 hours. And then cook it.

So to the trash it will go. His Birthday dinner in the trash.

Onto plan B for his Birthday dinner. :-/

Moral of the story… you want something done right..DO IT YOUR SELF

Happy St Pattys Day!

Slow news day CA?!

Breaking news!!! We’ve had a 3.6 earthquake. Lmfao!!!! Um hello news casters!!! Are you friggen serious?!!

A 3.6 can be accomplished by my teenager by farting in a pool. LoL

Oh oh OH!! Another Breaking news alert on TV!! A high speed car chase. Some moron on the 91 freeway going 130MPH. 

I’d back off, the fool will crash. You can catch him then. Let’s not get an innocent person killed by this idiot.

Speeding through city streets in LA now. Almost hit a kid on a skateboard.

Driver bailed out, female driving now. Oops she hit bus it looked like. She’s bailed out of car.


PD caught her. Now their looking for male driver… And now the news shuts off. Did they catch the fool? Ok onto The Peoples court. LoL
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Screw people that mess with elders!

image Haha

What a horrible thing to do. Why don’t you go pick on someone your age. Cowards.

Got a phone call this morning from my Mom who had just hung up phone from a disturbing call from her oldest grandson the caller told her.

The guy said remember grandma I went to the Philippines? Well I’ve had an accident and I’m stuck here. I need your help.

My Mom says and what’s your name? He replies Grandma! You’ve already forgotten me? I’m your oldest grandson. How could you forget me?

Well fortunately my mom is still 95% alert even on her bad days. She told the kid you’ve called the wrong Granny son!

And she hung up and called me quite upset that someone would do something so uncaring. To play with another’s heart.

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In honor of Lent

I signed out of my Facebook account in honor of lent and giving something up.

I haven’t given up something for lent since I was younger and Catholic. I chose to do it this year. This year that opens my families fabulous journey for betterment.

And since that time that I made this decision and signed out I’ve had people try every trick to get me to sign back in. I would have hoped they’d appreciate or maybe even be proud of me for giving up something for lent.

Guess not. Makes you think about the false prophet comment. The devil is working through those people. People I trusted. Now I’m left wondering..

Are they true friends? Do they have my best interest at heart? Your friends should help you, not try and sabotage you.

I’m very disappointed. Is the bottom line.

And after all the drama and lies to try and get me to sign back onto Facebook. I HAVE NOT! And am coming to a point where I may delete it after lent.

Beware of false prophets!

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Aren’t neighbors great?!

My neighbor is a rude, noisy, jerk. Welcome to Coastal  California! Beach cities neighbors are the worst.  Out in some areas of  the inland empire you get not desirable neighbors. But not crazy, arrogant, fools like here at the coast.

And don’t even think of calling the PD on crappy neighbors. They will tell person exactly who called! And don’t bother talking to neighbor. It doesn’t help, it actually makes it worse.

Like I’ve offended him by asking at midnight to turn down his boom boom sterio, or to not blow off M80’s in the back yard right outside my garage door, or to please try and quiet your 5 dogs you pen right against the wall on side of my house. All day and night.

See I could call PD your only allowed 2 dogs here. But I don’t. Been there done that with my other neighbor. Cops tell them exactly who called.

So instead I sit here and bide my time waiting to leave this place in next 2 years. Next house will have a HOA I can send complaints to! That much I can guarantee.

Today he had people come out and remove palm trees he planted 5 years ago. I’m glad their gone. Should have never been where he planted. Against the wall tugging on our power lines to our place.

But he should have told us. I could have moved my plants. I could have moved everything out of way. But that would take a nice person. And you won’t find that here.


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Cat bit hubby

Aughh our cat bit my hubbys thumb and arm while he was bathing her. Old cats are very grouchy. She is getting grouchier by the day.

Oh and she peed on him. Sorry but I’ll stick to dogs. We’ve had dogs before and never had these problems regardless of their age.

NO MORE CATS in this house. EVER!

Look all pretty and clean.

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